Gordon Ramsay on a Supercar Buying Expedition


Gordon Ramsay, a famed celebrity chef known for his love for cars, has been on a supercar buying spree. Just take a look at his Ferrari collection and you will soon get to know that he is a huge fan of these prancing horses – including a white Ferrari F12TDF, a LaFerrari in gunmetal grey, a LaFerrari Aperta in pearl white and the list continues with almost 15 cars in his Ferrari collection alone.

Recently, this popular TV personality updated his supercar collection by investing in a £1million LaFerrari in South Kensington.

He was proud of having purchased a hyper car that was owned by Lewis Hamilton, one of the top Formula 1 drivers.

While this British chef had just got a chance to be behind the wheels of a 6.3L V12 motor, an electric engine good for McLaren P1 car and Lamborghini doors, he drove straight to pick up his children.

Ramsay was definitely the center of attraction when he drove to pick up his daughter from her Netball classes in an exquisite LA Ferrari.

Posting the update on his Instragram account, he stated – ‘Holy Mackerel its Fast…’ before informing fans ‘My first trip was out on the M4 to watch Megs Netball fyi it didn’t take me long to get there…’ and concluded stating – ‘The Electric part even toasts your bread quickly…’

Without any kind of customization, the cost of the new electric sports car was £1million. He did opt for quite a lot of personalized features out of which the most significant touch of personalization for him was inscribing his favorite phrase ‘DONE!’ on the steering wheel.

The host of Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay looked youthful in a navy T-shirt paired with jeans and black trainers. In spite of having suffered from Achilles tendon just a fortnight back, he was quite comfortable in his regular shoes. Sunday was quite a big day for him. He even posed for the onlookers who stopped by to click pictures on their phones.  

It was an incredible treat for him when his spouse Tana Ramsay gifted him with a Ferrari 550 Maranello for achieving the 3 star Michelin award.

The blue car was purchased from the same South Kensington dealership more than a decade ago in 2000.

With 15 supercars already existing in his Ferrari collection, the new LaFerrari is the latest addition and with that huge collection it’s not surprising that Forbes has estimated his wealth to be almost $48million.

Soon he would be inaugurating the Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore.

Ramsay owns a series of successful restaurants all over the world from France and UK to the US and Hong Kong. He is internationally renowned with shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef US and Hotel Hell. He has cooked for many top celebrities including the likes of Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus, Kylie Minogue and Mike Myers.


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