Best Family Destinations on Majorca


There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than taking a vacation. And when you decide to vacation with your entire family, the entertainment and joy so involved reaches to level two of amusement and light-hearted pleasure.

The world is full of some of the most beautiful places and getting away to explore these places with your family is a great idea. One such beautiful vacationing spot is Majorca. The beautiful island of Majorca is certainly one of the most beautiful holiday spots. Apart from being beautiful, this place is often underrated as well. Thus, as you start exploring it with your family, you will come across some of the most phenomenal and gorgeous sightings – something you had never thought or imagined of.

Not only does Majorca provides hidden coves, powdery-soft beaches, or the stunning Palma, but some of the plushest resorts and hotels where you can rest your heart out along with your sweet family. Following are considered to be the top five family destinations that you must explore while you are vacationing at the exotic Majorca.

  1. Club Mac:

Located on the northern coastline in the Port d’Alcudia, Club Mac is a three star resort which happens to be one of the best destinations to stay along with your family. The beautifully designed resort has everything on its toe that keeps you engaged all throughout your leisure time. There are a number of activities to keep you and the kids entertained around the clock. And if you happen to be a water baby, this resort certainly serves a paradise for you.

The amazing on-site waterpark called Hidropark Alcudia here is a treat for you where you can enjoy in the splashes in a summer afternoon and can also avail a discount on a huge variety of food and drinks that it serves to all its customers. This resort will never let you feel bored or old for it awakens the fun-person in you.

  1. Viva Zafiro Alcudia:

This is a five-star resort located in Majorca that offers everything that would ever appeal to you and your family, especially the kids. There are pools at each side of the six four-story accommodation blocks. There is a central pool that comprises of various inflatable bubble so that your kid enjoys his heart out playing in the waters.

This resort, apart from offering a great accommodation to your family, also offers three different clubs for kids of different ages. Thus, your kid can keep himself engaged in these amusing activities all throughout the day while you can calmly enjoy the tranquil.

  1. Jutlandia Family Resort:

Santa Ponsa is one of the major attractions of Majorca which is simply a place to explore. The beautiful scenic beauty, the lush green trees, the exquisite markets and some of the most hauntingly amusing locations altogether make this place as the charm of this island.

Santa Ponsa also has some of the most beautiful and comforting family destinations and Jutlandia Family Resort is one of them. This beautiful place comprises of fully renovated apartments that always aim to give you a homely feeling. Each apartment of the resort includes a kitchen, a dining room, a nicely equipped bedroom as well as a furnished terrace. This resort also carries out a number of sports activities.

  1. Family Life Alcudia Pins Hotel:

As the name implies, this is a beautiful three star hotel of the island that serves as one of the best family destinations here. Perfect for a family that hunts for peace, this destination is quiet and tranquil which indulges you in the beauty that this place is surrounded by.

The village-style ambience of this place is its forte and thus if you are searching a life away from cosmopolitan, this hotel is the best place to be in. Beautiful beaches, scenic views and exotic greenery – together combine to make this hotel a happy place. The activity programs conducted for the children and adults are entertaining too.

  1. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort:

The five-star St. Regis is beautiful and inviting. The best thing about this resort is its closeness to various beaches of the island. There are a number of beautiful family attractions to indulge in such as Aqualand and Marineland waterpark.

This hotel is mainly known for its luxurious interiors as well as superlative facilities. There are pools, activities, sports, leisure programs and much more to explore and enjoy. The food here is delectable as well.


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